Marketing- practical, actionable return on investment.

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Michael Coombs checking the lighting at a video shootHi.  Thanks for clicking “about” me.

I’m a marketer.  (husband… dad.)

I write.

I do inbound, social,  SEO-SEM, video, (and events, brand,  storytelling and…) and lots of other marketing crafts “hands on”.  I’ve created brand strategies and integrated campaigns.  I’ve hired, and made payroll.

Call to action:  You can and should hire me.

I care about business model, customer segments and marketing that “works” for a specific business goal.   I like creative directors and financial officers and sales people.  Along the way, I’ve tried to be good at all of those roles.

Inbound marketing and social media and SEO/PPC are my “current” skills.   Excellent brand building and low cost per lead acquisition are possible in many situations.  But, of course, not all.   While I AM the new media kid,  I am also the bottom line kid.

One size does not fit all.  That belief keeps me from writing posts with titles like “5 steps to marketing nirvana“!

But there are certainly best practices.  So I am endlessly curious about business model and sales and marketing messaging.

Customer, context, scope and scale matter.  Worthwhile goals can be accomplished on a shoestring budget if the strategy/message/passion is perfect.  Other marketing techniques require a longer term view, serious integration with existing messages,  and the help of agency partners and high end free lance specialists.  I’ve been both of those things.

My two most recent accomplishments are a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing, and a short, intense stint producing spots for 6 political candidates, including 3 Congressmen.

I have “hands on” experience with most creative marketing crafts as they exist today.

(blah blah blah me me me)

My first marketing craft was writing, producing, and directing in local television. That provided a freelance kick off to what organically became a, 20 person, multimillion dollar agency.  That business provided digital media and strategy services to Fortune 500 marketers like Kodak, Xerox, Bayer, Duke Energy, and many other national brands.   The business decisions went to my personal bottom line.  It sharpened me.

I’ve won several awards for “the work”, and the larger teams I created and nurtured, won three times that.

I have  5000+ songs, books, and podcasts on my iPhone.  I  blog and tweet enough to know the territory and value.  I own a hi definition camera, a light kit, and I’m a capable editor in Final Cut Pro.  I once made 46 of 50 from the foul line.

Mary and I have been married for 31 years, with two adult daughters, a “trophy dog” Ida, and a black cat that I am  allergic too but try to love as part of my  integrated family marketing strategy.


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