A new year.

Since last we “spoke”: I have personally placed a $140K Adwords PPC campaign; increased traffic to the site 37% YOY; figured out the ROI of our lead gen efforts; convinced my management colleagues to place increased budget emphasis on web marketing (all new site coming!); created and operated a major promotional giveaway campaign; worked with our “customers” at homedepot.com to get better placement for our products, and again, personally written, shot, and edited several videos, including these two:

And this:

Of course, there was much more than that.  And each of these items is AT LEAST a blog post. But hey, I’m workin’ it!

Happy New Year.


One Response to A new year.

  1. marycoombs says:

    nice! Happy New Year to you too.

    Sincerely, Mary

    Mary W. Coombs Coombs Marketing, LLC mary.coombs@coombsmarketing.com Twitter: @marycoombs56 LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/marycwceohq *803.746.4660-work* 585.370.3747-cell Charlotte, NC

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