Social Media and Business Model

Here’s another example where social media, inbound marketing, the web, and face to face meetings, are directly integrated into the business model and brand:

The Moxie Exchange Movement:

Image of The Moxie Exchange Movement site.

Founder Maureen Berkner Boyt says the Moxie Exchange Movement satisfies these questions:

You want to be around businesswomen with Moxie? Great.

You want to trade business ideas, inspiration and resources with those women? Better.

You want to pay your Moxie forward to the girls who make up the future generation of business leaders? Best.

Started less than a year ago, The Moxie Exchange Movement already has groups in 8 states.  Mary Coombs is the “marketing moxie”, working to expand the brand with social media, traditional marketing, business strategies and best practices.

Full disclosure: I share the office with Mary, and while I am more comfortable designing for multi-media, she does occasionally ask me to design for print.  I designed the sticker for the “shot of moxie” tin.


A Shot of Moxie





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