Video Online

Video continues to be a powerful tool for marketing.  Studies show that online video increases time on site, and internet marketing professionals indicate that online video is a top priority.  You Tube is an enormous and powerful beast!

Film, video, and multi-camera television are the first marketing crafts that I learned well.  I  produce  “hands on”,  from creative to shoot, edit, format, and stream or download.  Of course, bigger budgets allow me to hire better specialists, but my point is: I know and like the craft of video and sound… and online.

Moving pictures and sound are undeniably powerful.  And the cost of “making a video”, at the low end, is only your time.  Viewers are “video literate”.   They don’t expect your widget “how to” video, to look like The Kings Speech.

But like all powerful things, it is possible to go wrong (at any level!) , and waste time,  money and  reputation.

Here are my notes of issues and articles to write and expand on in the future.  Please come back.  What should I write about?

Sticky Video-Time on Site

People will watch a relevant video.  What exactly do we know about those figures?  How do we think about time on site, with video?


What’s going on with naming and tagging video files?  What is up with posting to a service (You Tube, etc) and embedding in your site.  What about  hosting the file on your own server?  What are the SEO best practices?  What does You Tube “prefer” from pro video?

Purpose, content, storytelling

What “works” in influencing people with video.  Which approach formats are tried and true?  There are some things to be careful about.  Be careful with “funny”.

Viral video

What will viewers pass around?  A link? A file?  How small (or big)  does that file have to be?

Video Formats

Compression/codecs formats,  players,  and the crazy corporate intrigue around supported formats.

You Tube

How do we best feed this monster?  Other sites.


It matters more than you might think.


Do it Yourself tips.


How to hire a vendor.

What else?


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