What is next?

In one way or another I have always free-lanced.  15 years ago, when Fast Company announced “Free Agent Nation”, it was old news to Mary and I, and frankly,  lots of our circle of friends.

Anyway, I got my Masters in Internet Marketing in July, and then immediately went “back to my future” doing a great gig.  It’s the job that kept me from posting here or on twitter. (Which is a terrible sin in social media.)

I’m back from several months work, producing political TV spots for Paul Novak at Novak Media.  http://www.novakmedia.net/.

It was great.  And 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, from mid September to election day.  For the record, we’re 4 for 6, including a couple of Congressman.

More to come on my takeaways from it all.  It DID rekindle my old film and video itch.  AND we did all approvals online, (.wmv and .mp4 and quicktime of various sizes) and posted to lots of sites.  It also gave me the chance to survey how the political world is using web and social media.  It’s a match made in heaven…or hell.   More to come.

And I am looking for my next gig.


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