Always On

This is my favorite marketing book since Cluetrain Manifesto.  The authors make the new (or is it really old?) case for customer centric marketing.  The traditional media, one size fits all, approach is waning because it can!  Online, everything is measurable, trackable, and quantifiable.  Constant testing, evaluation, learning, and segmentation of our audience psychographics, combined with all our social media conversations allow, and require true customer relevance.

And they say that marketing has been…“a career trajectory that attracted people with energy and commitment, as well as a strong focus on action, results, and achievement.  But, for the most part, it did not attract or nurture abstract thinkers.  The goal was to manufacture marketing as efficiently and as uniformly as their companies manufactured goods.  That skill set no longer suits the twenty first century marketer.   As a result, marketing companies are engaged in a hunt for skills, insight, and the combined analytic and creative power needed to make the most of this new media and advertising environment.”

Phew!  I think “energy and commitment” don’t ever change.  But the ability to combine abstract thinking, analytics, and creative power to engage and influence with all… all these new customer centric and completely quantifiable channels… that’s exactly where my energy and commitment comes from!  Breathtaking!


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