New/Old marketing: New Media and Brand.

There is always “new” media.  And there is always brand.

(Among all the other possible and essential marketing disciplines.)

Today I am updating my view of how these essential elements need to be updated for today and the future.  (on-line customer “engagement”, brand ambassadors, customer service?) I’m feeling more confident than ever, about my ability to help companies choose the right or best avenues to build their brands, tell their stories, and make money.

New Media Marketing is great to study.  I love new toys and marketing is certainly getting more and more “new” toys and applications.  The month long class, I just finished focused on social media, mobile applications, and virtual worlds.  As with everything, and every brand, there are best practices developing, but there is no one “right way” to apply these great tools to sell or to build a great brand.

As marketers though, we have these great and powerful tools available to us.  And there is certainly no doubt about the rise of social media and how it is changing markets and marketing.  I love new media and feel more and more confidant about continuing to use it for real marketing success. (ROI).

Now I’m starting a class that is really an extremely old discipline updated for a new media world. I have worked professionally and extensively in these areas, but “sharpening the saw” is always valuable.  Here’s the course description.

Business Storytelling and Brand Development

Storytelling and brand development are two integral aspects in building a strong presence in business and the consumer market. In this course, you’ll learn how to implement brand-development strategies that help companies emerge as icons within their industries. You’ll also learn how to use storytelling principles to strengthen a business and deliver a superior customer experience. Finally, you’ll use this information to develop your own personal brand identity and create tools for real-world business use.

Hmm…, my own personal brand…?  Watch for changes in this space !


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