What I learned on my summer vacation. About Blackberry.

I just got home to full time high speed internet access. (Hallelujah!)
 I have been on the road (vacation) at a beautiful place with no internet access. I got to be a very good friend of the folks at the Mill Creek Cafe for their internet access and food.
  Anyway, here’s what I have learned a bit too late but really cool.

For you Blackberry heathens, like me.

You can purchase and download “TetherBerry” for Mac or PC. It allows your 3G enabled Blackberry to function as a modem for your laptop. It’s 50 dollars.

I got the email that said they had released the Mac version right at the end of the vacation. Mary used the PC version all week at the rural lake we were at. I could not make Second Life, (large real time file sizes)  work very well, on it, but all the interactive mail, school downloads, social media stuff seemed to fly around fine.

It makes me think. I am aware that lots of you “youngsters” are giving up home “landlines” completely, for your cell. I wonder when and if, my 3g type modem lets me drop the payment from the cable company in favor of the smart phone?

Anyway, check TetherBerry. (http://www.tetherberry.com/)

$50 bucks to use your BlackBerry “smartphone” as a 3g modem where you don’t have a wi fi network that you want to be on. Kind of a pain to set up. But we got there without tech help.


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