Online Aural Pleasure: You might like this. is a commercial free, listener supported, on-line “radio station”.  I love it.  It is the music that is on while I write, study, blog, tweet, facebook, cook, and fold laundry.

I do Pandora, and Rhapsody, and Slacker, and iTunes, and…

There are so many great music options streaming on-line.  At Rhapsody I pay about 100 bucks a year for amazing functionality, infinite channels, and I can program my own channels and playlists out of their huge on-line library.  It’s cool.

But is where I keep landing.  They have been “out there” for quite some time.  In some ways they are old school.  One channel, no commercials, a very mellow and judicious DJ, and, they remind me of what we used to call “progressive” radio when we had longer hair (or had hair at all!).

They say… You’ll hear modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz. 

Here’s the big kicker for me. The Radio Paradise people, Bill and Rebecca, make it really free and easy.  They provide many different technical streams.  You can listen in iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real, whatever. My favorite is the 192 kb mp3 stream, playing through Winamp, with the Octoshape  “mesh” network plugin.  It’s all free, all digital, all the way to my receiver amp. 

It’s a very sweet sound.  And I love their taste.  It’s great to have on all day.

Tell me what you like.


3 Responses to Online Aural Pleasure: You might like this.

  1. Karrie says:

    I discovered them about 5 years ago. They introduced me to my beautiful Neko Case. I can’t thank them enough!

  2. Dave says:

    i’ve been hooked on them for 6 years …. found another good one thru an old college contact on facebook —- also listener supported –

    very similar mix as to radio paradise

  3. Josh Pierce says:

    Just saw Neko Case, at Savannah Music Festival. Also, produced the SMF commercial featuring her! How is everyone?

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