Protecting the brand of “opportunity”

Last night I saw the new brand image tv spot for Bank of America.  I liked it.


B of A is a company whose brand, rightly or wrongly, is taking some major hits through this economic upheaval.  It certainly must be tough to be a Citi, or B of A marketer, in the midst of this preventable financial meltdown, while trying to protect a brand positioning of “Bank of Opportunity”. 

The spot is a classic image spot.  It is 60 seconds of beauty shots. It’s a diverse selection of Americans, mostly moving purposefully through various kinds of doors.  It has the absolutely requisite thoughtful and emotional sounding music underscore.  The music tells us how to feel.  It’s a classic tried and true film format, well produced.

The only voice over copy in the entire spot is:

This is America.

 And no matter how…  No matter where…  No matter what…

 We…   keep… moving… forward 

It’s not innovative creative.  But it is the right message for “the bank or opportunity”.

The message that we are all in passage to something new or different, on the other side of the door, seems like the right message today.

After seeing it just once, as intended, in the midst of Ugly Betty (!) I got just a bit of believable optimism, along with a sense of facing the future with all of America and Bank of America.  It kind of circles the wagons, begs for compassion, and promises to keep moving forward. Good stuff.

On the critical side a bit…

After watching it many times on youtube, it started to feel like the Poseidon Adventure with the theme song,  “There’s Got to be a Morning After”. 

I sure hope the “opportunity” ship hasn’t capsized, but things surely are upside down a bit .  Comments?




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