My client and product is me.


It’s the beginning for this blog.  My  goal is in the previous post.  Early on, I need to treat myself as my own client. I need to define achievable goals and rational strategies to achieve the goal-… so here’s a short creative brief.  It’s loose.  

The format is one I put together (stole) using bits and pieces of other creative brief processes.            

Who (audience)

Who (demographic) is the audience?

People who hire or influence hiring in Charlotte area marketing.  Adult, female or male, probably over 30 years old, communications professionals.

What is their attitude (psychographic) about the message or subject?

They probably don’t need help. People bother them for jobs all the time. And the economy is… But they will always make a bet on good ROI when they see opportunity.  And they are always looking for opportunity to improve.

Do we know why they have this attitude?

They are communications business people.  They give and judge “pitches” for a living.  It’s not their first rodeo.                   

What (message)

What are we trying to communicate and “say” and to the audience?

This guy will help.  He’s an experienced marketing creative, who has successfully run his own shop, and who has extensive client side brand experience. He is looking for cool work.

What is the communications goal?

Get noticed and remembered in a positive light.

What is the scope of work?

This will go on for quite some time.  Blog, converse, contribute, interview, love.

What is the budget?

Only my time, which is actually a very valuable commodity if charged at market rates.  But, I have time to seek and learn.


Why do we believe the approach we are using will work with this audience, given their attitude?

Media format will work because…. 

The target knows or wants to know “social”.  I want to know social.

Messaging will work because….

I am a huge advocate of the idea that brand is about relationship and community. (Cluetrain Manifesto)   I am a current business creative who has spent his own money in his own marketing shop, as well as that of lot’s clients.  I know what matters.

Design approach will work because….

I’ll keep it clean, simple, conversational and trustworthy. 

How can we be most successful on this budget?

It’s a blog and social media.  The venue is mostly “free”.  I will be successful by learning to utilize the tools well.  Readers will be successful because I will provide useful ideas or approaches.

Do you know, or have ideas and assumptions about “the creative strategy”?

Don’t be to obviously “seeking”.  I do want to participate in the community for a long time. Yet, I must get out there and provide the “contact me” call to action.  It will be interesting to see and learn, if and how the “networks” react and feed back.

Given the audience and the message, why will our creative be successful?

Overtime, the right people will notice my experience and talent and they will contact me at the right time. 



2 Responses to My client and product is me.

  1. Mike, congratulations on taking the steps to start your blog and learn more about social media. You are now well ahead of the curve compared to most people! It’s surprising how few take the time to learn about the opportunities available to them, and more importantly to actually put the tools to use.

    Best of luck in your endeavors!

  2. Mike Coombs says:

    Thanks Brandon. I love the stuff on your blog. It’s very practical and useful and real world, to my experience. I really appreciate you taking a look at my early efforts!
    As a long time digital marketing writer creative, I am loving the ability to learn, publish, “seek” and evolve. I have much to learn, but I am sure that social media is an essential part of any communicators knowledge base, and certainly will become a huge part of the”outreach” of most organizations.

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