The Brand called me.

I’m starting this blog. So, what’s the first goal? 

Basically it’s to learn, and market myself in the Charlotte area.  Hence… achievable goals and a realistic strategy to achieve them.


I want to work and learn with people who have a sense of discovery and possibility and the feeling, passion, and enthusiasm, that we are creating, producing, or managing something that is great and growing… that is marketing work, that really works!

Great business marketers always want to do great work that slam dunks its goals.  And they are not afraid to put the ideas out to scrutiny and collaboration at almost any stage of the process.  ROI is good too.

I’m like that.

So that’s the personal goal that “having a blog” can help. The goals of the blog itself?

Get “hands on” to learn and complement my other experience helping companies succeed.

Get more familiar with Charlotte marketing. And in the process build some good relationships.

Get a real job or freelance projects.

Become a wildly successful, powerful, and slightly ego-maniacal marketing and political blogger, monetize the blog, demand huge consulting/speaking fees world wide.  Write and submit the blog from my yacht in the Virgin Islands.

Seriously, see only the first 3.  I said “achievable” goals. (iphone on boat on Lake Wylie?) 

A possible future goal?  Hopefully this evolves into something valuable for others in my communities. I’ll update you when, and if, there is a “goal change”.  It could happen.


I write the creative brief.  How will I get what I want?  I reserve the right to come back to my goals, if the creative brief process reveals new insights.

Comments? Advice?



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