Old Fashioned Resume

Am I breaking the commandments of the blogging bible by posting this?

Mike Coombs Provocative Thinking. Memorable Meaning.


To contribute to business success by creating effective multi-channel marketing/advertising and communications. To work with teams of people who connect business strategy, brand strategy, and the creative process.  To bring business value and accountability to the process.  To make communications that sell, teach, impress, and wow!   To be with vibrant people.

Key Strengths

Concept, creative, process management, and accountability for multi-media marketing projects.  Management, brand management and creative direction for digital based creative teams. Writing/content creation for effective web, film/video, the spoken word, and sound design. Producing/directing, for single camera, multi-camera, interactive productions, live events and trade show presentations. Extensive and varied project experience.  I enjoy leadership of analysis, imagination, teamwork and execution in the business creative process.

Work Experience Director of Marketing, Muzak Sept. ’07 to Jan.  ’09


Manage SMIT, Creative Team, Telemarketing, Web, Direct Marketing, etc. Created Sales and Marketing Integration Team.  Appointed 1st web specialist.

Tripled ROI from web leads and sales to $4,000,000. Installed analytics,

conducted RFP process for new SEO vendor.  Cut $70,000. of poor ROI PPC.

Produced and upheld department annual budgets under budget.

Helped team produce best in show GlobalShop exhibit booth,” Brand Expressions”.

Managed 22, creative vendors, marketing automation, advertising outlets.

Co-owner, Chief Creative Officer, Coombs Marketing 1986-2006    see also www.youtube.com/coombsmike for video work examples


Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox, Duke Energy, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Bayer Lawn and Garden, Harris Interactive, Bausch & Lomb among others

Agency Executive Management

Founded and operated multi-million dollar, 25 plus employee, agency with wife-partner.

Hired, managed, reviewed, and fired (when necessary) full-time creative staff.

Cultivated, and collaborated with diverse adjunct, free lance staff of high-end creative, production, and programming talent.

Organized agency and developed metrics and process for self managed account teams responsible for customer satisfaction, account profit, and employee satisfaction.

Sold, pitched and oversaw creative output.

Company won many, many awards for excellence.

Conducted regular brainstorming and creative “feedbag” sessions.

Digital Media Development & Execution

Provided the tools and managed teams working in most major digital software creative environments for graphics, web, interactive, video, live events and digital print.

Hands-on knowledge of digital video editing in avid express and final cut pro as well as digital photography and video cameras.

Wrote, produced/directed video, film, multi-media.

Creative direction and event directing for multi-camera, multi-city satellite/web cast live events.

Creative direction and writing for most digital media and formats. Understanding of keyword strategies, search optimization, and analytics for conversion and ROI.


Upheld established brand character of Fortune 100 customers.

Created new brand essence and executions.

Collaborated to create, and executed our own BrandLight™ process for establishing and creating authentic brand positions, and brand expression, for customers.


I have written successfully for sales presentations, interactive multimedia, web,           video, video walls, events and speeches.  I am a visual storyteller and write for the audience’s experience of sight, sound, motion, and emotion.

Creative briefs, proposals, agency reviews.

Commercial Producer,  WHAM-TV 13 Rochester NY ABC affiliate 1984-86

Supported advertising sales team by writing, producing, and directing for station direct customers.  Lots of spots!

Promotion Manager, WHAM-TV 13 Rochester NY ABC affiliate 1982-84

Coordinated and produced station on-air and off-air promotions

Managed for the stations brand positioning campaign, “Hello Rochester”.

Wrote, and produced news image and news “special series” promotion.

Managed trade deals with radio and newspaper for cross promotions.

Producer/Director, WROC TV-8 Rochester NY NBC affiliate 1978-82

Produced and directed newscasts, commercials, telethons, public service and cooking shows.

News Photographer, WROC TV-8 Rochester NY NBC affiliate 1976-78

Shot and edited news film and video for 6 and 11 newscasts.


BA Speech/Broadcasting, University of Maine, Orono 1976

AA Television Production Grahm Junior College, Boston 1974


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