Integrated Marketing Communications

Many of those “promises” during the dot com bubble (remember THAT bubble?) are now coming true. And the web has changed “marketing”.

Sell everything on line? Check.
Reach customers directly? Check.
Every biz can be global? Check.
Word of mouth has become “word of mouse”? Check. Check. Check.

Marketing is the voice of the customer and today every business can speak directly to it’s customers. The lines between marketing, PR, and even sales are blurring as customers EXPECT to do business, and learn on the web.

Your site (and everything else) should be right!

If you watch Mad Men… you are seeing a time when marketing was advertising focused.
Today…”integrated marketing communications” is IT.

Every customer contact matters. From the phone, to the website, to the press releases…,
how do we “integrate” and amplify our messages of what customer or audience satisfaction are we full filling?

(And how do we do it for less!)

Paradoxically “brand”… the idea of consistent, coherent, clear and authentic messages across all media, is more important than ever.

What relationship will you have with your customers? Long term, “long tail”, repeat business,
and customer relationship is (usually) the goal. That’s brand. That’s integrated marketing communications.


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