Do Super Bowl ads work?

I always wonder. 

I am usually the only one watching the commercials at the Super Bowl parties I’m at. And that is if I am not getting a beer or food.

For the 3 million dollars that advertisers pay to rent 30 seconds of time in the show…

But then I wake up the next morning and there they are on the morning shows.
And here they all are posted on myspace and I am sure all the other likely web portals with rankings and blogs and ways to attach them and send them to your friends.

So in a manner… they become online viral presences.

I am sure the big agencies have reams of research. And it must include the glamour and after online effects.

With all the conversation about “the decline” of traditional TV advertising at the hands of DVR’s… and the rise of online social and viral and community applications… in the end, like in most cultural, technological model shifts… the “benefit” isn’t in being on one side of the chasm or the other.

The benefit is in being near the bridge and on both sides! And figuring out exactly where our customers actually are.

The more things change… the more they stay the same.
People influence people… the brand messages that authentically resonate and reach people… are the ones that “work”. 

What do you think?


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